Microna™ 3

Microna™ 3 is a dry, fine, double classified natural calcium carbonate filler/extender specifically designed for use in all types of coatings and paints. It provides consistent high fineness of grind readings and good gloss development. Microna™ 3 is used at high levels in putties, caulks, and sealants because of its nominal oil absorption. Microna™ 3 is effective as a value adding extender in rigid and plasticized PVC. Meets NSF Schedule 14 requirements.

Typical Applications:

Paints Synthetic resin paints, emulsion paints, industrial paints, and primers
Plastics PVC pipe and conduit, plasticized PVC profiles, injection moldings, coatings
Polyolefins Compound/master batch for moldings and films
Thermosets EP/UP molding compounds, GRP PUR-foam
Other Dry wall cements, textured finishes, caulks and sealants