The key to success as a ground calcium carbonate supplier is to locate and develop high quality deposits that consistently offer customers products that are among the purest and highest brightness in North America. We continue to explore and search for new deposits to assure our customers the reliable supply of raw materials for generations to come.

In effort to expand our resources and better serve our customers, CRC purchased the Calder Marble Mine in December of 2010. Located on Prince of Wales Island, 88 air miles west of Ketchikan, AK, Calder has a long history as a world class marble deposit.

First opened in the early 1900’s and worked continuously until the onset of WWI, barges of marble blocks sent to build several buildings in Olympia, WA and Juneau, AK. Calder marble was noted many times as an exceptionally bright white stone that was in high demand. Today, that same white stone is being used to service CRC’s customers.

Currently, Calder has a proven ore reserve that is expected to last at least 75 years. Further exploration is expected to greatly expand this resource. The ore body has been classified by many geologists as being uniquely pure and yielding a uniform, bright white stone. All blasts are designed and planned in a manner that will not contaminate ore and minimize undersized material. Best practices are used so that any rock that does not meet our high standards of quality can be removed. Rock is then shipped out via Calder’s state-of-the-art ship loader to awaiting barges bound for Portland, OR and ultimately to Woodland, WA, ready to serve a growing market that requires the highest grade white stone.

Columbia River Carbonates’ production facility is located in Woodland, Washington; a community situated just 21 miles north of Portland, Oregon on Interstate-5.

Since its inception more than 30 years ago, Columbia River Carbonates has committed the resources necessary to assure its customers a reliable source of ground calcium carbonate powder and slurry products of the highest quality. Today, the company produces nearly 350,000 tons of limestone products and has invested nearly $95 million in its operations to insure reliable long term supply to valuable customers, reach new markets, and diversify its customer base.