Concrete Products

ASTM Aggregates

ASTM 6M, fine aggregate and ASTM#67 aggregate are mechanically crushed limestone that are particularly useful in concrete production due to the carefully engineered size distributions, and particle shape which provides high strength and increased bonding.


ConCarb™ is a de-dusted mineral additive designed specifically for concrete and concrete ready-mix products to improve workability, fluidity, green strength, particle packing and more. It enhances savings through cementious content reduction, reduces segregation and abrasion, and improves fire resistance compared to fly ash.


If you have any questions about CRC’s Dry Product lines please contact us via the “Contact Us” tab to access CRC’s questionnaire form. One of our sales representatives will respond within 48 Hours of your enquiry. Product data sheets and MSDSs are also available via the “Contact Us” tab.


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