Slurry Products

Micronapaque™ HS

Micronapaque™ HS is a novel ground calcium carbonate filler pigment for the paper industry. Cationically dispersed and with a carefully engineered particle size distribution, this pigment is designed for use in all paper grades. Expect superior wet end retention properties and optical yield.

Micronafil™ NP

Micronafil™ NP is our smallest filler product. It gives the paper maker a tool to achieve minimal strength loss and excellent optical properties at higher ash content. Operationally, an optimized dispersant package yields good wet-end retention and drainage while enabling cost-effective transportation options over long distances.


Micronafil™ is our larger particle size anionic filler product. It contributes the benefits of minimal strength loss and improved wet end drainage with good optical yield. Its high solids content enables long distance transportation.

Microna™ S-58-HB

Microna™ S-58-HB is a widely used pre-coat pigment for high brightness, low binder demand and high speed runnability. It is also a very valuable top-coat pigment for dull and matte coatings.

Microna™ S-90-HB

Microna™ S-90-HB is the standard pigment for use in high brightness coated freesheet grades. When used at 60-100 parts, expect high brightness, reduced binder demand, and exceptional runnability at higher solids.

Microna™ S-98-HB

Our finest ground product, Microna™ S-98-HB is recommended for SBS board and recycled board coatings where high gloss is needed.

Micronacat™ 50

Micronacat™ 50’s cationic charge and engineered particle size distribution are designed for inkjet coating formulations and other functional specialties.

Micronasize™ CPS

Micronasize™ CPS is a coarser particle size version of RPS designed for conventional and metered size press to be used in specialty applications where higher surface roughness and slide angles are preferred.

Micronasize™ RPS

This high quality pigment is for surface sizing, metered film applications, and has been specially designed for use in conventional and metered size press applications.

Micronasize™ UFP

Micronasize™ UFP is a specially designed product for use in applications such as functional paper coatings, high sheen paints, and ink manufacturing.


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